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    ลงทะเบียนฟรี วิธี เล่น slot machine

    Our web site is live at last! Almost two years ago, we put a "coming soon" page at , and much to our chagrin, soon wasn't soon enough. This web page replaces our older web sites at kasuria.com. Now that our new site is up, we will slowly be moving all of our creations and postings here to this site. ^_^

    We look forward to updating this site now that it has escaped, and we welcome you to explore our online wolfy-kitty den.

    About the Banner Image

    Every once in a while, we will change the banner image we use at the top of this web site. For now, the banner image is a photograph taken from onboard the Amtrak Coast Starlight, looking across Lookout Point Reservoir just before dusk, as we travelled south of Eugene, OR, on our way to L.A.

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